Friday, January 6, 2017

Amazon to the rescue!

This Christmas Santa brought my stepson, H, a grey FurReal Friend kitty named Bootsie. Instantly H fell in love with his kitty, babying her and carrying her with him everywhere he went. He showed everybody her robotic magic, and laughed and laughed at how temperamental his new kitty was.

Santa did well.

A couple days later however, Bootsie stopped working. We tried coaxing this robotic cat back to life with different batteries, and then more different batteries, but that didn't work. Chris had thrown out the box Bootsie came in, and we weren't sure if we could find the Amazon receipt (that Santa left behind.)

Thankfully Amazon has an amazing return policy that would see us get a new Bootise in just a couple of days!

We told our boy that we'd have to send Bootsie back to Santa's workshop to get repaired. He was a good sport about it and agreed to send his kitty back to the workshop. Before we did he got Chris to help him write a letter to Santa, asking him to take good care of Bootsie.

We told H that we'd have to send his Kitty to Amazon, and they would send her to Santa's workshop for us, because we don't know exactly where Santa lives, but Amazon does.

He was cool with that.

I posted the pictures of H and his letter to Santa on my Facebook and Twitter feeds because I thought they were the cutest thing I'd seen. Not long after I did, Amazon reached out to me, directing me to a feedback page and asking that I fill them in on the situation.

I complied because I wanted to tell them how impressed I was with their customer service and return policy. I explained the situation and I thanked them for being a conduit for Santa Claus and his workshop.

 The next day I received an email response from someone who works for the social media team at Amazon...

Hello Shelley,

This is Josue with the Social Media team here at Amazon
Thanks for forwarding your information. 
We are working on a surprise for your son to brighten his day!

Have a good rest of your day!

- Josue

A day later The new...errrr... fixed Boosie arrived in the mail. He and H were reunited! I wasn't home when the package arrived, or when he opened it but Chris sent me a picture of the reunion and it was the sweetest. H was beaming!

Fast forward to today, and we received another package from Amazon; inside was the surprise Josue told us they had coming for H! Chris opened it and found a grey plush cat for H! We sealed the box back up and left it for H to open when he got home from daycare.

I got home from work after H opened his package from Amazon, but when I came in it was the first thing he told me about. He said that Santa had sent him a special friend for Bootsie. He was elated, and he got he to feel how soft his new kitty was! 

It was just really special.

H was so excited to get a package just for him. He was thrilled that Santa sent a friend for Bootsie, and that the new cat has soft fur and a long tail. He loves the plush kitty. He spent the night playing with her and carrying her around the house. 

Needless to say we are so happy with our Amazon experience.

Thank you Amazon and Josue for going out of your way to fix our situation and to make our little guy happy! You really saved the day!