Thursday, February 13, 2014

Have a Big Easy weekend...

Winnipeg Mardi Gras kicks off tomorrow. 

The New Orleans inspired party takes over the Convention Centre for two days of beads, masks, boas and food. You can't forget the food! 

A few weeks ago I was invited to a Taste of Winnipeg Mardi Gras Event for a sampling of what this year's celebration has to offer up this chilly, long weekend. I indulged in deep fried pickles, gumbo, bourbon-flamed garlic pepper shrimp, New Orleans style pasta with chicken, sausage and capicola, oysters, a po'boy sandwich. and a fireball shot. 

It was amazing.

My absolute favourite was the New Orleans style pasta with chicken, sausage and capicola; it was spicy and hearty. If there weren't so many dishes to try, I would have been more than happy to snag another helping (or two) of it. 

The Fireball was also delicious and perfect for V-day because it tastes like liquid cinnamon hearts with a little bit of an extra kick. 

I left the tasting event, after meeting and selfie'ing with a few new friends, full yet wanting more.

Aside from the food, which is my absolute favourite part, Mardi Gras offers up a slew of New Orleans style entertainment-- Seriously, some of the entertainers actually come from the Big Easy, so they're legit. 

While I admit that I haven't attended in a few years, I remember my first experience at Mardi Gras being really neat. The space was transformed into this circus-like party city where showgirls with beaded costumes, feathers and elaborate headdresses walked around, and the performers played music that really sank to the bottom of your soul.

It wasn't your typical weekend at a club, that's for sure.

Being that my mind is a rainbow whirlwind, I got really into it. Where else can someone fit right in wearing a pink velvet cowboy hat, a plethora of beads, and a rainbow boa? 

This was my kind of party.

This year I have tickets. While I'm not sure that I will be partying as hard as I once did, I might stop in for a deep fried pickle and more of that New Orleans-style pasta. 

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, you should check it out.