Monday, September 27, 2010

She has two cats...And she wants to own an island.

Meet today's SUNshine girl (from the Winnipeg Sun.) She wants to own an island.

Now, perhaps I am wrong in assuming that everyone in the Winnipeg Sun newsroom had a good chuckle at the wording of this little gem that is found on the third page of the paper. I know that I had a good laugh when I saw it! (It's hilarious, it made me laugh out loud while I was by myself on the bus.)

I am assuming that the model did indeed say that she wanted to own an island. However I can't imagine her saying that she had two cats and wants to own an island in the same breath, as it is written in the paper.

"I have two cats and I want to own an island."

What?! Noway.


Good job on being funny Winnipeg Sun!

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  1. Hmmm...reminds me of what was on my "to do" list for tomorrow.

    Have a Mars bar and negotiate world peace.