Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is it news?

The other day, the Winnipeg Sun had a story about a woman who had an affair with a former WWE wrestler. (Not news?! Perhaps not "hard news," however in our TMZ-infused society stuff like this can now been deemed as front-page worthy, if it's dirty enough...)

Anyway, the reason this story (of an affair) is so captivating is because it is probably one of the trashiest things I have bore witness to in years. -- The mistress at the centre of the story is a local woman who took the meaning of being vendictive to a whole new level; after outting her lover to his wife on Facebook, the woman then allegedly stalked the couple (by phoning, emailing and texting them at their Florida home) and then posted angry telephone conversations (between herself and her former wrestler lover) on YouTube. She also made a series of videos, telling the story of how she met said-wrestler, complete with the use of hand-puppets, detailing aspects of their "relationship."

A real class act.

In the recorded conversations, which play to a picture slide show of the couple in "happier times," the woman shifts from playing dumb (about posting the pictures on Facebook for the wife to see, and "destroying" his marriage) to warning the guy "not to be on her bad side."

For lack of a better term, this entire story is completely fucked up. In fact, it's gruesome enough to be a well-scripted "reality TV show," with the attention-starved villianess in the starring role. The only difference though, is that usually in reality TV shows, there is some kind of funny, amusing or redeeming quality of the villian. In this situation, the local mistress/attention-starved villianess doesn't appear to have any redeeming qualities. None that she's shown yet anyway.



  1. It's interesting to note when an outlet has a true "scoop." Every outlet monitors every other outlet to see what they don't have and should have. Like the sex judge scandal.

    Interesting to note that NO other media outlet scrambled to match this utterly useless, senseless, excuse of a story from the Sun. Unless I totally missed it, but I see it nowhere.

    Shows you the standards of journalism those outlets ascribe to, and those of the Sun.

  2. Sometimes journalism today saddens me. It seems fewer journalists have the drive to pursue truth. Integrity is no longer valued, unless it is compromised. Then it is used to write dramatic headlines and sell more papers/magazines. Maybe the fact many media outlets have been losing money so they cut expenses means fewer journalists have the freedom to pursue truth.

  3. Seeing 'SLUT' on the cover of the Wpg Sun was enough for me. I will NEVER take them seriously again. They were already dangling from a thread for me and now they have completely dropped.
    Im sure the chick in the story will promptly accept a seedy porn role somewhere down south...

  4. do you have a link to the YT videos?

  5. You spoke so passionately (in-person) about this when it came out on Friday. Great post Shelley.

  6. have you seen these videos?

  7. Here is the link to that girl's YouTube account...