Friday, September 11, 2009

Cre Comm: The "What not to Wear" edition...

Well week two of Cre Comm is coming to a close, and I am already feeling the intensity of this program!! (The workload hasn't become abundant yet, but the strict deadlines and timelines have become something that many of my classmates and I have developed a great sense of paranoia about...I have gotten into the routine of setting all five alarms on my cell phone, and my actual alarm clock every morning, just so I can sleep at night!)

Perhaps one of my biggest worries thus far in the program however -- this worry is right up there with my paranoia of sleeping in and being late -- is my absolute lack of fashion sense! It never truly occurred to me that I am the epitome of a fashion victim. (Today for example, I wore pants that were far too short!! How did this happen to me?! I must have looked in the mirror about eight thousand times before I actually left my apartment this morning...) I know that school is not all about clothes and style, but when you lack as badly as I do in that department, it's hard not to take notice of how dire this kind of situation can be.

It has just dawned on me that I am a prime candidate for an episode of "What not to Wear"! I can actually visualize the horror on Stacy and Clinton's reactions if they were to watch clips of me walking down the hallway at school...

Stacy: "Oh honey, what are you doing?! Those pants need to be at least two-inches longer!"

Clinton: "Unless she's majoring in 'floodology 101', those pants are totally inappropriate for somebody embarking on their professional career!"

Stacy: "...And look at that shirt! Sheer animal print? Really?!"

Clinton: "This girl needs our help."


I used to pride myself on not caring about brands and logos, opting instead to create my own image. But over the years I think I have actually crossed the line from "logo conscious individual" to "slob" without even realizing it! And now that I am in this new environment, where it seems that everyone is wearing skinny jeans and scarves, my lack of style is really rather blatant!

I know that my emphasis should be on my assignments, and learning the vast and wonderful world of media, but rest assured faithful blog readers, I am going to be focusing on the tasks as hand with a brand new sense of consciousness and style...

I wonder what kind of outfit I can muster together for tomorrow?!



  1. I think I'd be afraid to be on that show... to have them throw out all my clothes might make me pass out! I saw this girl once who had a panic attack when they started going through her wardrobe... they had to cut tape!

  2. I know me too!! -- $5000 for the kinds of clothes that they want you to buy/wear doesn't seem like a lot...

    I couldn't imagine not having my trusty ol' jeans or yoga pants (combined with various hoodie) to run errands in...Do you still have to dress up to go to Wal-Mart if you've been on What not to Wear?!?!

    And the three-way-mirror. UGH!

  3. I think you have fantastic fashion sense Shelley. I bet most of those girls are young and focus more on their clothes than their future careers. While they are trying to figure out the next will be working for some newspaper or news team in the spotlight!


  4. Take it from me, comfort is where it's at! And even though you are surrounded by the skinny jeans and scarves, as am I these days, remember you are there for the program, all that other stuff like fashion sense and what not can come later...if it ever does for you and I. Hey buddy, we are all different, diversity makes the world turn!

  5. I say get a nice comfortable black suit, string of pearls, oversized sunglasses and a fantastic up-do and you can't go wrong!

    (I have just describe the way I look EVERYDAY!)

  6. Who cares what you wear? You are awesome no matter what!

  7. I went through SUCH a crisis when we started school, Shelley, let me tell you.

    I went out and bought a million new tops, shelved my sneaker addiction and opted for flats and boots, and put away all of my logo teeshirts in favor of plain v necks and blouses.

    And I still feel as though I'm not fashionable enough for the campus!

    If you're ever in the mood to do some shopping, I'd say lets hit up some shops. I know where to get the best deals! Ha ha ha.

  8. I don't want to sound like a self-righteous fashion jerk, but I am... so here is my fashion M.O.:

    - Don't bother trying to wear styles that don't suit your body. Gauchos + my thighs = lumpy ugliness.
    - DON'T BUY IT IF YOU DON'T LOVE IT (you're soooo bad for this). Try it on more than once. Turn around in the mirror. Walk towards the mirror. Sit if you can. You're not gonna spend your day standing nicely with a pretty pout on. And if you still buy stuff you don't love, give it to me to try.
    - If at first, you don't think an outfit looks good, it's not gonna look good the 4th time either.
    - The basics! Black dress pants, black suit, an awesome bra, versatile boots (for loose pants AND tight pants)

    If all else fails, take a full-body pic of your outfit. If it really sucks, you'll notice with a picture.

    And honey, besides baring your beatiful babes, I don't think you have anything to worry about. You always look good. I doubt you really want to be walking around wearing what everyone else is anyway. Like Uggs. Oh god. They're called Uggs for a reason, 'cause they're ugly. And there's nothing wrong with yoga pants!